Essential Digital Skills Qualifications

The workplace is changing - are you?

technology is needed in all kinds of work settings, from shops and warehouses to restaurants and bars, even farms and building sites.

The EDSQ covers all five skills areas set out in the national standards. These are:

  • Using devices and handling information

  • Creating and editing

  • Communicating

  • Transactions

  • Being safe and responsible online.

More about the qualifications

The BCS Essential Digital Skills for Work qualification is a test that you can take to show that you have the basic digital skills you need for work. You can take the qualification at two levels: Entry Level 3 or Level 1.

  • The qualification is assessed through two online, on-screen invigilated tests. The first test will test your knowledge of digital skills, like how to use a computer, the internet, and email. The second test will test your skills in using digital tools, like how to create a document or a presentation.

    • The knowledge test will have questions of different types, like multiple choice, hotspot, drag and drop, object ordering, and matching. The skills test will have four scenarios that you will need to complete.
  • The knowledge tests comprise of 1, 2- and 3-mark questions worth a total score of 50 marks. The skills tests are made up of four scenarios worth a total score of 50 marks.


Additional information about the tests

  • Your overall score for the qualification will be calculated by adding up your scores from the two tests.

  • The tests will take 45 minutes each, and you will have 50 guided learning hours to prepare for the qualification.The tests will take 45 minutes each and will be supported by teaching of 50 guided learning hours within a total qualification time of 64 hours.

  • The support for teaching the content of the EDS framework will be through a dedicated online website.

So what are you waiting for? Start your journey to EDS qualification today!