Skills Gap Statistics UK 2023

92% of businesses say that having a basic level of digital skills is important for their employees


in the UK require digital skills when recruiting


Research from Gallup and Amazon Web Services



Skills Gap

Workers in the UK will be significantly underskilled for their jobs by 2030


UK workers

say that lacking digital skills has affected them negatively at work


Research from Skills Gap Statistics UK 2023





Essential Digital Skills

Qualifications for work

Did you know over 80% of job vacancies now ask for digital skills? So developing your digital know-how is one of the most important things you can do to improve your employability, but that can be a scary prospect if you’ve avoided using computers up to now.
BCS Essential Digital Skills Qualifications (EDSQ) offer a friendly and helpful introduction to the digital landscape, allowing you to grow your knowledge, skills and confidence at a pace that suits you, whether you’re already in work or not.
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New to Digital

Early Career

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